In 2006 an Easter dinner was shared by co-founders Brenna and Joan Riggers, their family, and Mark and Maxine Tacke. Over dinner it was established that Mark’s sister, Sister Mary Paulé Tacke, was in need of a volunteer for the upcoming year in Mthatha, South Africa. The next fall, Brenna boarded a flight to South Africa and became part of a fraternity of volunteers who for decades have worked supporting the most vulnerable in the community of Mthatha, South Africa.

In 2008, Brenna convinced her mother, Joan,  to return to Mthatha to visit the place where she had spent 9 months volunteering. Brenna was finishing her second year of college, and Joan was a primary school teacher keen on experiencing the place and people she had heard so much about. The return visit was profoundly important for both mother and daughter and the dream of more concretely supporting the community and its vital projects was planted. Now, nearly  ten years later, the public charity, Sister Mary's Children has been established to carry on and expand the support and growth of our three partnering projects that all share the legacy of Sister Mary Paulé.