To Fill A Need

In the past few months, our Sister Mary’s Children board has had the privilege to begin to dig deep into our mission and goals. Something that came from this work is the concept of to “Fill A Need.” Fundamentally, this is the reason SMC was born. We were driven to fill a need when it became clear that the vital work of Sister Mary Paulé needed to continue, even in her absence.

Now, we would like to take the concept of filling a need a step further. It has always been vital to our mission to be as transparent as possible with funds, and it seems only natural to partner with you, the SMC community, to decide how we can best support our partnering projects. Below are some opportunities that have been provided directly from the directors of our three partnering projects loved by Sister Mary Paulé.

These needs will be highlighted at our first ever event on November 5th, but we invite all of the SMC community to help move the needle on these vital projects.

Bethany Home:

  • Yearly salary for Bethany’s on-site staff nurse ($4,300)
  • Security guard for Bethany Home grounds ($150/month)
  • Paving of the Bethany Home playground ($715)

Ikwezi Lokusa Rehab:

  • Generators for the Workshops to allow for training during power shortages ($680)
  • One month of meals for one trainee ($65)
  • One year salary for a workshop instructor ($650)

Thembelihle Home:

  • School supplies for the on site school for 40 children ($1500)
  • College fees for two Thembelihle Home graduates entering year 3 of their bachelor’s degrees ($1700)
  • Replacement of two broken wood stoves and firewood for the winter ($1500)

While we wish that you could all join us at the event November 5th, we know Sister Mary’s community is spread across the globe. For those of you that are unable to attend, you can help fill these needs by clicking the “donate now” link that appears on the right of this page. We are forever grateful for your ongoing support and generosity, and we look forward to partnering with you to continue to fill a need.