Spring Updates

We wanted to pass along some new updates and happenings from SMC’s partnering projects on the ground in South Africa. Your support continues to grow and develop the important work happening there everyday.

Bethany Children’s Home:

Bethany Children’s Home staff recently attended first aide training. This important training has given caregivers the knowledge to help out when necessary and keep children as well as staff a little safer.  Thanks to the Bethany Home staff and administration for their dedication to fulfilling this important training!

The Bethany Children’s Home administration also shared that next week their staff will be participating in staff performance assessments. We wish all staff a constructive and inspiring review!

Thembelihle Home:

Thembelihle Home continues work on expansion as the original space of Thembelihle Home has been outgrown. The new expansion will provide much needed room and space for the children and staff. As the physical building continues to be remodeled and expanded, Thembelihle is also in the process of hiring more staff to support their growth. SMC excited to partner and support Thembelihle Home during this important time of growth and development.

Ikwhezi Lokusa Rehabilitation and Development Society:

After what sounds to be a very busy first quarter of 2017, Ikhwezi  Lokusa welcomed 28 new admissions. The welcoming of the new trainees helped to solidify maximum occupancy for the training programs and residencies. Along with very full training programs, This Spring has seen record long power shortages. SMC’s funding of on-site generators helped to support the trainees and staff during the rolling power cuts.